Venice, the view from Ponte Dell Accademia


Venice, the view from Ponte Dell Accademia

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About this piece

The Brief

This was simple. We had travelled there in May 2010 and had travelled all over the city taking various photographs of the place while we were there. This city is still my favourite place I have travelled. I knew while we were, that there would be plenty of photos that we took when we were there, that I would want to use as a basis for a drawing when we got home. The photo that I worked from for this drawing however was pretty terrible. I took a snap on my old camera phone, and as many of you know, these were not very good at the time even on the highest resolution setting. What made it worse was that I had taken the photo on one of the lower resolution settings unbeknown to me, and the photo was very pixelated when zooming in for finer detail. So I had to make my drawing much sharper than the original photo.

The Result

The result was a drawing I was very happy with. This took me over 235 hours of work. Every building is absolutely correct in its detail. One of the buildings in the drawing was being renovated and was covered in tarpaulin and scaffolding which was very unsightly. I searched through hundreds of photographs online for a photograph taken from a point which was as near to where I was stood as possible. This was to find a reference of that particular building so I could draw it without the tarpaulin and scaffolding. Some artists would have drawn it as it was, however the tarpaulin would have left a huge white focal point on the drawing, and this would’ve spoiled the drawing or detracted from the rest of the elements on the drawing. I wanted the picture to show every building as it should be without interruption. The water took a very long time to draw, it has several layers of colours and tones to convey the depth and reflection of the water. Unlike Canaletto, I did not use a lightbox to trace an outline, and drew everything by hand after using a 3×3 grid on my paper for references.

Original (not for sale)

Size A3

Limited edition, individually signed and numbered to 1000 prints at £100 each. These are printed on thick high quality paper, with a non-gloss, uncoated finish on the print. This is to keep the print more in keeping with the original drawing, and gives the impression of having been drawn onto the paper. The initial run will be the 50 of the prints. All marked with the Modern Master Art copyright guarantee.


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