Emerald Damselfly


Emerald Damselfly (Lestes Sponsa) male specimen

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About this piece

FILTER: Illustration


TIME TAKEN: 27 hours

THE BRIEF: I have always been passionate about wildlife and nature and some of my absolute favourite creatures are Damselflies and Dragonflies. They are in my opinion some of the most beautiful things and perfectly “designed” creatures to be found in nature. I have always wanted to draw them and never had the time, as I am always busy with other projects. I used my wife’s fantastic camera and found a spot near a small lake in North Wales that is untouched by most people as it is so remote. I have been there several times and was lucky enough to have these wonderful creatures land near to me as they rested allowing me to take some really detailed macro photos.


This took me a lot longer to draw than expected as this is a relatively small drawing, however due to the detail and pattern on the wing, I had to take my time getting the wing shape and cells in the wing absolutely right. Also the wings split the light as the sun light shines through the wings with and almost prism like effect, this leaves traces of colour along the wings which I wanted to include in the final drawing. I was very happy with the result.


Original £300

Prints £40. An initial layout of 50 prints for this piece. These are printed onto thick high quality paper with a silk finish to help highlight the detail in the piece. These are not limited edition. 

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