Drogon the Dragon


Drogon is the main dragon of 3 in Game of Thrones and definitely the most impressive.

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About this piece

FILTER: Illustration

CATEGORY: T.V. and movie

TIME TAKEN: 46 hours 


I wanted to draw something that captured people’s imagination. Drogon is certainly a character from the T.V. show, Game Of Thrones that does this. I knew as soon as people saw him that he is someone everyone would like to see immortalised in a drawing, and dragons have always been very popular.


A dragon is something that I have wanted to draw for a long time. Drogon is the main dragon of 3 in the show and definitely the most impressive. This drawing took me 46 Hours to complete and was hard work. Drawing the continuous repetitive patterns on the scales, and ensuring the crest and horns all matched was tough and required a lot or concentration and visual comparison. Also the gradual change of colour and shadow from left to right required a lot of concentration, but in the end the effort was worth it.

Size A3

Original £700

Prints – £40 initial run of 50 prints. These are printed onto thick high quality paper with a silk finish to help highlight the detail in the piece. These are not limited edition. 

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