British White Tailed Bumblebee


British white tailed bumblebee (Bombus Lacorum)

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About this piece

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THE BRIEF: I am fiercely protective of bees and I am passionate about the species in general. They are after all the main pollinators ensuring our survival. I love drawing these creatures and my wife and I have tried to gear lots of plants in our garden to helping them survive. My intention is draw a number of these for a specific collection. Recently I have become a member and spotlight supporter of the British Bumblebee Conservation Trust. I was asked by the trust to create a piece to donate a piece for them to auction off at a charity event


Original (donated to charity auction on behalf of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust)

Prints £40 Initial run of 50 prints available. Every purchase of an original drawing or print of a British Bumblebee featured here is contributing to the survival and protection of the species. 10% of all proceeds from purchases go directly to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 


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